Medical Career Advising

Are you thinking about becoming a doctor, or maybe even a psychiatrist? Are you already in medical school and are wondering what specialty to choose? Are you considering attending medical school overseas and aren't sure if that's the right choice?

Dr. Vereb can help. He is available to discuss these questions, and many many more. Any topic related to any stage of medical education and a medical career, is fair game. Anything from "just thinking about it," to pre-med, to applying, to internship and residency, is fine. Whether you're in high school, or are considering a mid-life career change, all ages are welcome.

These meetings are confidential, but they are not a doctor-patient relationship or a "doctor visit." You do not become Dr. Vereb's patient. Because of this, the discussions do have to stay as focused as much as possible only on topics relating to medical education.

These special meetings are offered at half of Dr. Vereb's usual rate.

When you call, please let our staff know that you are interested in an advising session. And, please do let them know just a little bit about what you would like to discuss.


Dr. Vereb is also available to speak on general medical topics, medical education, and foreign medical education, to schools and other groups.